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Why you need our peat?
Because our peat:
- Environmentally friendly and safe for humans;
- Saves a lot of water and air, which promotes good root development of plants;
- Easy to use
- Has a high acidity, which is very easy to adjust
- Does not contain weed seeds and pathogens;
- Has more stable quality than substitutes, which positively affects the development of different types of plants;
- Cheaper than its alternatives and is always available;
- Biologically stable, providing long-term storage
- High (95%) content of organic matter

Perfect quality sphagnum peat moss (sphagnum fuskum) group produced in Ukraine in a green area on the unique Carpathian field "Under Bohr." Modern extraction technology ensures high quality peat and highly automated production equipment for processing and packaging of peat helps to preserve its natural high performance. The natural properties of peat: high moisture and povitroyemnist, a significant content of humic acids and organic matter, offer tremendous opportunities for its use and manufacture a wide range of products.